Erdogan Says Fuck Off To Sweden And Finland

“In a news conference on Monday, Erdogan repeated that Turkey would not approve their bids to join NATO, calling Sweden a “hatchery” for terrorist organisations, and adding it had terrorists in its parliament.” The link:

American Killed Fighting For Ukraine

Evidently he was recruited by an unnamed security company in America. CNN is very short on details – is it deliberate? So who the hell recruited him and where did the money come from – was it the American taxpayer? The link:

Obama Team Running Second U.S. Proxy War With Russia

“Who really is running U.S. foreign policy these days?” “The same Obama administration operatives responsible for the Benghazi disaster and who targeted Syria with one of the most expensive covert wars in history are now directing Joe Biden’s multi-billion dollar proxy war with Russia, this time in Ukraine.” “You don’t hear much about Syria fromContinue reading “Obama Team Running Second U.S. Proxy War With Russia”