Human body parts sold on Facebook leads to arrest of Pennsylvania man

“CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHP) — East Pennsboro Township received a complaint about possible human body parts being soldfrom the 200 block of N. Enola Road on June 14.” “In his residence, Pauley was confirmed to have three full skeletons, approximately 15-20 human skulls, and buckets containing fifteen gallons of human remains and organs such as livers, brains,Continue reading “Human body parts sold on Facebook leads to arrest of Pennsylvania man”

Child porn investigation reveals Arby’s manager peeing in milkshakes, Washington cops say

“We’ve got the meats and they’re pissing in your milkshakes!” Feel free to forward. Here’s the link:

Asshole Harasses Mike Tyson On Plane. Bad Idea.

“Mike Tyson seemed to lose his cool on a plane on Wednesday night … repeatedly punching a man in the face after the guy had apparently annoyed him.” “TMZ Sports has learned … the incident all went down at around 10:30 PM PT as Tyson was slated to fly out of San Francisco International Airport toContinue reading “Asshole Harasses Mike Tyson On Plane. Bad Idea.”

NFTs Anyone?

I don’t understand this at all. People are spending good money for illustrations that are on the artistic level of your Sunday comic pages. Anyway, here’s a link to an article about something called Phantabear. Why don’t the buyers just have “I am stupid” tattooed on their foreheads?


“An outraged passerby snapped a picture of the fleeing motorcyclist, which cops released Tuesday.” “Cops are asking the public’s help identifying and tracking down the hit-and-run motorcyclist. His ride had a New York vanity license plate reading LILITH.” What an idiot.