Elon Musk fans beg for Tesla sex robot after billionaire promises ‘Catgirl’ Optimus

“Elon Musk has caused a Twitter storm after promising a “catgirl” version of his Optimus robot, with excited fans hoping this could mean the birth of a Tesla sex robot.” So instead of just saying “Fuck Tesla,” folks will be able to fuck a Tesla. Ain’t technology great? The link: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/elon-musk-fans-beg-tesla-28128328

Elon Musk To Make “Catgirls”

Tesla Sex Bot “Musk has repeatedly talked about his infatuation with catgirls, which are fictional human female characters with cat ears, tails, and whiskers, often portrayed in anime and manga.” “In 2019, he joked that an upcoming Tesla software feature would not only blow customers’ minds, but it’d also be a “crucial step towards catgirls.”” I can’t wait till Musk’sContinue reading “Elon Musk To Make “Catgirls””

Autonomous trucker TuSimple logs first no-human road test

That’s just what we need. Robot truck drivers. It’s not bad enough that they’ll cut you off and “roll coal” behind ’em. Now we’ll have to deal with big metal motherfuckers, like in those Terminator movies. And what happens when they go rogue and start smashing all the little “smart cars?” I just hope theContinue reading “Autonomous trucker TuSimple logs first no-human road test”