Kamala Harris To Be Shitcanned?

https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/14/politics/kamala-harris-frustrating-start-vice-president/index.html “When they’re depressed, they bat down the Aaron Sorkin-style rumor that Biden might try to replace her by nominating her to a Supreme Court vacancy. That chatter has already reached top levels of the Biden orbit, according to one person who’s heard it.”

Are Jan. 6 Defendants Being Pepper-Sprayed For Asserting Their Rights?

https://freepressers.com/articles/terrible-unfolding-events-voice-from-the-american-gulag “The Lieutenant chased him around the pod spraying the can until the can was completely emptied.” “The men were locked down into their cells and now two of the men, including Lonnie, are having SERIOUS respiratory issues. The other man, who is also a veteran, is laying on the ground in the pod notContinue reading “Are Jan. 6 Defendants Being Pepper-Sprayed For Asserting Their Rights?”

Corporate Whore News

https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/advising-both-chinese-state-companies-pentagon-mckinsey-co-comes-under-n1283777 Sounds like just a way to transfer wealth from the American taxpayer to the oligarchs. All these government types claim to be such experts, why do they need to hire consultants? To fund the companies that will hire them after they get a government pension?