I worked with the Wuhan lab – I tried to warn them & I KNOW Covid was a lab leak “A SCIENTIST who worked closely with the Wuhan lab has claimed Covid was genetically engineered – and leaked from the facility.”  “Dr Andrew Huff, former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, claims to have had aContinue reading “‘BIGGEST COVER-UP IN HISTORY’ “

On Conspiracy Theories

This is a wide ranging article on the creation of conspiracy theories and the efforts of the U.S. government and supranational organizations to control them. Note that some of these theories have been proven to be true. Of particular note is the admission of a German journalist that he was paid by the CIA toContinue reading “On Conspiracy Theories”

Biden Feud With Big Oil Ratchets Up

“Diesel and heating oil inventories in the US Northeast were getting worryingly low. Officials swung into action, organizing a series of calls between Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and several of the country’s biggest oil refiners to discuss strategies to boost stockpiles. The tone was cordial, according to people with knowledge of the conversations.” “But theContinue reading “Biden Feud With Big Oil Ratchets Up”

Nutty Nancy’s Husband Attacked With Hammer

My first thought was that Paul Pelosi’s injuries were self inflicted. He sobered up, realized that he was married to Nancy and attempted to beat himself to death with a hammer. Then the real shit started to arrive. Here’s an article, Five Fast Facts to Know About David Depape. Link: https://heavy.com/news/david-depape/ And another article: DavidContinue reading “Nutty Nancy’s Husband Attacked With Hammer”

David Petraeus: US May Lead Multinational Force Against Russia In Ukraine

That’s what the bastards wanted the whole time. Read this before you vote in this election. The new Afghanistan. Read it here: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/david-petraeus-us-may-lead-multinational-force-russia-ukraine/

A Blast From The Past

Drivers to pay higher gas prices for ‘as long as it takes’ for Ukraine to win, Biden says “Joe Biden said during a press conference at the NATO summit in Madrid that drivers can expect to pay higher gas prices for “as long as it takes” for Ukraine to win the war against Russia.” “The president was asked by Jim Tankersly of TheContinue reading “A Blast From The Past”

Canadian combat engineers to train Ukrainians in Poland

“WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Canada will deploy approximately 40 combat engineers to NATO ally Poland to train Ukrainian sappers in de-mining, engineer reconnaissance and explosives, the Canadian defense minister said Tuesday.” “Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand made the announcement during a visit to Warsaw. At a briefing alongside her Polish counterpart, Mariusz Blaszczak, Anand saidContinue reading “Canadian combat engineers to train Ukrainians in Poland”