“Why Meadow Died” The Book

“18-958’s story was so bad that, after I learned everything that I’ll share with you in this book, I approached his defense attorney. I said, “Give me his education documents and I’ll testify for the defense about how the system failed him.” – Andrew Pollack. (Mr. Pollack refers to the killer by his prison number).Continue reading ““Why Meadow Died” The Book”

One way to beat wokeness is to sue until it gets very expensive

“When female swimmers at the University of Pennsylvania told school officials that they did not want to look at Lia Thomas’s penis in the locker room,¬†they were told they could either change clothes alongside the biologically male swimmer or stop using their own women’s locker room. When family members told the district attorney, they wereContinue reading “One way to beat wokeness is to sue until it gets very expensive”

University of Chicago Students Try To Cancel John Mearsheimer

U of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer has been writing on Ukraine since at least 2014. He pretty much predicted Russia’s actions back then. Now some pinheads are trying to cancel him. I guess striving for knowledge and understanding is out of fashion.