Parkland Florida, Memory Of Understanding Executed

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The Memorandum Of Understanding Between The Sheriff’s Department And The Parkland Florida Schools

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How the polices of the Progressive left directly caused the Florida massacre #NRA #2A #Liberty

This blog post by the Charles Carroll Society documents the agreement between the school district and the Sheriff that created the Parkland Florida shooter. I won’t comment, but I will make two more posts linking to the documents. The link:

“Why Meadow Died” The Book

“18-958’s story was so bad that, after I learned everything that I’ll share with you in this book, I approached his defense attorney. I said, “Give me his education documents and I’ll testify for the defense about how the system failed him.” – Andrew Pollack. (Mr. Pollack refers to the killer by his prison number).Continue reading ““Why Meadow Died” The Book”