California Oceanside Mansion On Sale For $160 Million

Better buy it fast before the cliff erodes and it slides into the ocean!

Giant Crab Attacks Golfer

“An enormous crab unexpectedly joined golfers for a round on Christmas Island and made off with some of their gear after slicing through one of their clubs “like a chainsaw”.” “Footage taken on the course shows the huge crab clutching onto the ends of a man’s golf clubs after it appeared to have climbed upContinue reading “Giant Crab Attacks Golfer”

Study: People under 40 to experience ‘unprecedented life’ of climate disasters Well, fuck ’em. As an old guy I don’t really give a shit. If the young uns want to use public transportation or ride bicycles, that’s up to them. I’m gonna keep burning gasoline and diesel fuel till the day I die. If we leave a burnt-out planet to live on, maybe they canContinue reading “Study: People under 40 to experience ‘unprecedented life’ of climate disasters”