A massage table and a photo of sex toys from Jeffrey Epstein’s estate were displayed for jurors during Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial

https://www.businessinsider.com/jeffrey-epstein-massage-table-photo-sex-toys-ghislaine-maxwell-trial-2021-12 I wonder, do the jurors get to try out the sex toys? In the interest of justice, of course.

Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and More

Not sure how this will come out. WordPress’s interface is being balky. Anyway, this article is a good broad view of the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell situation, so far. What, if anything develops is the big question. Was Epstein’s “honeypot” a government operation? By who? The CIA, FBI, or was it run by oneContinue reading “Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and More”

Ghislaine Maxwell’s “Husband”?

https://news.yahoo.com/mysterious-disappearance-ghislaine-maxwell-maybe-050249525.html Is her “husband” her CIA handler? The business he founded – Cargo Metrics – sounds like an ideal CIA front. There’s a whole lot here that the press isn’t getting into. I get the impression that they would rather minimize the story.