Names In Jeffrey Epstein’s Mid-Nineties Black Book

I subscribed to Business Insider ($49 per year, introductory rate) for their newsletters and articles. The one article I’m referring to in this post I can’t link to, but it concerns the mid nineties Jeffrey Epstein black book that they are analyzing. Going through the names the article reveals, one is not like the others.Continue reading “Names In Jeffrey Epstein’s Mid-Nineties Black Book”

Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and More

Not sure how this will come out. WordPress’s interface is being balky. Anyway, this article is a good broad view of the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell situation, so far. What, if anything develops is the big question. Was Epstein’s “honeypot” a government operation? By who? The CIA, FBI, or was it run by oneContinue reading “Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and More”

Millimeter Waves Kill Covid But – Millimeter waves are also implicated in Havana Syndrome, used against American diplomats in communist countries. And – the US government may be developing them as weapons. But there’s more. The same wavelengths are used in 5G cellphones (or so I’ve read). So maybe the big push to install 5G cell towers isContinue reading “Millimeter Waves Kill Covid”