California Lawmakers Want A Bill Of Rights For Cats And Dogs

Let’s see what they want. ▪ freedom from exploitation, cruelty, neglect and abuse (That sounds good. I wouldn’t mind having that for myself). ▪ a life of comfort, free of fear and anxiety; (Oh yeah. A life of comfort! Lay it on me, baby!) ▪ daily mental stimulation and appropriate exercise; (Yeah, I could use some exercise). 4▪Continue reading “California Lawmakers Want A Bill Of Rights For Cats And Dogs”

Monkeys Declare War On Dogs! This pisses me off. As a lifelong supporter of Canine-Americans, I’d like to take an AR15 and go Kyle Rittenhouse on those monkeys’ ass. Those damned monkeys have gone too damned far. Trust me, folks. The war with monkeys is just beginning.

Dogs Taught To Fly Airplanes This is how it begins. It will turn out just like those Planet Of The Apes movies. First they’re taught to do simple tasks, then increasingly complex things. Before long they’ll be taking our jobs, taking over our industries, and humans will become their slaves. I say kill them all, before it’s too late.