A Shitload Of Crypto Startups Launching Out Of Y Combinator

“Y Combinator’s first Demo Day of 2022 debuted virtually on March 29 and 30, and the Winter 2022 batch, with 414 startups participating from six continents, was the largest class yet.”  “While crypto was a big theme for YC in 2021, this last class was even more loaded. There were more than twice as many startups focusedContinue reading “A Shitload Of Crypto Startups Launching Out Of Y Combinator”

Bitcoin Mining In Kazakhstan

This is premium content on Business Insider, meaning unless you subscribe you’ll be blocked. What I got from the article is that Kazakhstan is the second leading miner of bitcoin, after the United States. That leads me to ask, does the recent turmoil there have anything to do with cryptocurrencies? Or was it a coincidence?Continue reading “Bitcoin Mining In Kazakhstan”

The Cheapest Way To Mine Ether

I’m skeptical about crypto currencies. I don’t see how computers grinding away on arbitrary calculations can create wealth. Gold or silver have uses in industry and have been accepted for ages. But for the more adventurous, crypto mining might make sense. It’s tailor made for the more computer savvy (I’m not). This article might beContinue reading “The Cheapest Way To Mine Ether”