California Oceanside Mansion On Sale For $160 Million

Better buy it fast before the cliff erodes and it slides into the ocean!

Giant Crab Attacks Golfer

“An enormous crab unexpectedly joined golfers for a round on Christmas Island and made off with some of their gear after slicing through one of their clubs “like a chainsaw”.” “Footage taken on the course shows the huge crab clutching onto the ends of a man’s golf clubs after it appeared to have climbed upContinue reading “Giant Crab Attacks Golfer”

If You Ever Wondered Why The Rich Pay No Taxes Why shouldn’t space tourism be taxed? IIRC, on the first flight Bezos charged a guy $16 million. It’s the ultimate luxury good. Meanwhile, the stuff working people like – say, whiskey and cigarettes – is taxed heavily.

COP26 Opens Path To International Carbon Trading

This is the worst idea I’ve heard in years. Remember what happened when the US started trading electricity?The price went up and we got ripoffs like Enron. Middlemen and traders taking big profits and manipulating the markets. Look for the Wall Street oligarchs to get richer at the expense of the masses.

Study: People under 40 to experience ‘unprecedented life’ of climate disasters Well, fuck ’em. As an old guy I don’t really give a shit. If the young uns want to use public transportation or ride bicycles, that’s up to them. I’m gonna keep burning gasoline and diesel fuel till the day I die. If we leave a burnt-out planet to live on, maybe they canContinue reading “Study: People under 40 to experience ‘unprecedented life’ of climate disasters”