Ghislaine Maxwell’s “Husband”? Is her “husband” her CIA handler? The business he founded – Cargo Metrics – sounds like an ideal CIA front. There’s a whole lot here that the press isn’t getting into. I get the impression that they would rather minimize the story.

CIA Director Bill Burns Dispatched To Moscow To Warn Russia Over Troop Buildup Near Ukraine I guess it’s official now. The CIA is conducting foreign policy. The deep state is out in the open. No use bothering with the state department, the weasels are taking center stage.

Thousands of Intel Officials Risk Dismissal Over Vaccine Mandates

I have to think that would be a good thing. I’m trying to think of anything worthwhile they have accomplished. I remember when George Bush put the CIA in charge of the Afghanistan war. How did that work out? Then you’ve got the spying on American citizens telephone conversations, the lies about Iraq’s “weapons ofContinue reading “Thousands of Intel Officials Risk Dismissal Over Vaccine Mandates”