EXPLAINER: Why India won’t send diplomat to China Olympics

“NEW DELHI (AP) — India won’t be sending its top diplomat in Beijing to the Winter Olympics after the honor of carrying the Olympic torch went to a Chinese soldier wounded in a deadly border clash between the countries two years ago.” Pretty much what I’d expect from the Chinese, glorifying one of the losers from theirContinue reading “EXPLAINER: Why India won’t send diplomat to China Olympics”

M&M Owner Mars Inc: “China Our Second Home”

“We consider China more like our second home. As for the current investment, we think it is a good fit for our business and gels well with our future strategies for development in China.“ Fuck Mars Inc. I’ll buy competing products. The link: https://freepressers.com/articles/m-m-s-owner-mars-inc-china-our-second-home

Did The Bidens Receive $31 Million From Individuals Linked To Chinese Intelligence?

The Daily Caller reports: “One is a guy named Che Feng. Hunter Biden, in the Hunter Biden emails, refers to him as the ‘Super Chairman.’ That’s kind of his nickname for him, and he says in one email, ‘I don’t believe in the lottery anymore, but I believe in the Super Chairman,’” Schweizer said to Fox NewsContinue reading “Did The Bidens Receive $31 Million From Individuals Linked To Chinese Intelligence?”

Wuhan Scientists Planned to Release Coronaviruses into Chinese Cave Bats 18 Months Prior to Outbreak

No comment on this. Please click through to the article.https://humanevents.com/2021/09/21/wuhan-scientists-planned-to-release-coronaviruses-into-chinese-cave-bats-18-months-prior-to-outbreak/

China Boycotts American Sportswear Companies

China is really pissed off about Biden’s boycott of stuff made with slave labor. You know, they bought him along with his son Hunter. “Ten percent for the big guy.” Here’s the link to the WSJ article on the boycott.https://www.wsj.com/articles/watch-out-nike-a-chinese-rival-is-on-your-heels-as-forced-labor-issue-divides-brands-11641378781?mod=djem10point

Elon Musk Says, “Slavery? What Slavery?”

“Tesla Inc. TSLA 13.53% has opened a new showroom in Xinjiang, the remote region where Chinese authorities are carrying out a campaign of forcible assimilation against religious minorities that has become a public-relations quagmire for Western brands.” “The Austin, Texas-based electric car maker started operations at the new showroom in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, the company said inContinue reading “Elon Musk Says, “Slavery? What Slavery?””

What To Do If You Test Positive For Covid-19

https://www.wsj.com/articles/what-to-do-if-test-positive-covid-omicron-11639777710?mod=djemHL_t I’ll post the important points. When should I call my doctor? Call your doctor if your symptoms include a high fever for multiple days, difficulty breathing or chest pain, or an inability to drink or eat, experts say. Which symptoms merit a hospital or emergency room visit? Go if you experience severe shortness ofContinue reading “What To Do If You Test Positive For Covid-19”