Afghanistan’s Last Finance Minister, Now A DC Uber Driver

“WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Until last summer, Khalid Payenda was Afghanistan’s finance minister, overseeing a $6 billion budget — the lifeblood of a government fighting for its survival in a war that had long been at the center of U.S. foreign policy.” “Now, seven months after Kabul had fallen to the Taliban, he was at theContinue reading “Afghanistan’s Last Finance Minister, Now A DC Uber Driver”

Who Won In Afghanistan? Private Contractors

“The U.S. lost its 20-year campaign to transform Afghanistan. Many contractors won big.” “Those who benefited from the outpouring of government money range from major weapons manufacturers to entrepreneurs. A California businessman running a bar in Kyrgyzstan started a fuel business that brought in billions in revenue. A young Afghan translator transformed a deal toContinue reading “Who Won In Afghanistan? Private Contractors”