Is A Cannibal Running For District Attorney?

“Chaos has erupted in an election for Utah County Attorney after incumbent David Leavitt was forced to deny QAnon-style claims that he and his wife engaged in cannibalism and ritual sex abuse of children.” Hell, I’d vote for him. I’d like to vote for him for president, if only to spice up state dinners. It’s time toContinue reading “Is A Cannibal Running For District Attorney?”

The Man With The Dick O His Arm

“When he lost his penis to a blood infection, Malcolm MacDonald underwent a groundbreaking procedure to have a new one grown on his arm, before it could be grafted to his groin. However, medical delays have left the 45-year-old with the penis attached to his forearm for the last four years.” Talk about a conversationContinue reading “The Man With The Dick O His Arm”

Biological Weapons Labs In Ukraine

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve seen reports of US funded bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Well, Senator Rubio asked Assistant Sec. of State Victoria Newland about this. Considering that the US has been conducting a biowarfare experiment on its own citizens for two years, I have to ask, “Does the US government have anyContinue reading “Biological Weapons Labs In Ukraine”

NIH Sent The Intercept 292 Fully Redacted Pages On Virus Research In Wuhan

The title says it all. The coverup continues, and will until there is a major shake-up in Washington. Remember when you vote later this year. The link:

US gives military helicopters to Croatia, Russia arms Serbs

“ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — The United States on Thursday delivered two Black Hawk military helicopters to Croatia, which is engaged in a mini arms race with neighboring Russian ally Serbia amid simmering tensions in the post-war Balkan region.” ““The Black Hawk provides capabilities across a range of possible missions, from special operations to tactical troopContinue reading “US gives military helicopters to Croatia, Russia arms Serbs”