Minions Of Satan Invade God’s Country

“HAILEY, Idaho — Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, flies in a Gulfstream G650. So do Jeff Bezos and Dan Schulman, PayPal’s chief executive. The jets, roughly 470 of which are in operation, retail for about $75 million each.” “Most days, those planes are spread out, ferrying captains of industry to meetingsContinue reading “Minions Of Satan Invade God’s Country”

Is The War Spreading To Moldova?

“The United States is monitoring events in the Eastern European country of Moldova, the Pentagon said Tuesday, after the breakaway region of Transnistria bordering Ukraine said explosions over the past two days hit a radio center and a security headquarters.”  “The reports of explosions could stoke fears about the scope of Russia’s war in neighboringContinue reading “Is The War Spreading To Moldova?”

Who Is Anomaly Six And Why Are They Spying On Me?

Anomaly Six, a secretive government contractor, claims to monitor the movements of billions of phones around the world and unmask spies with the press of a button. “IN THE MONTHS leading up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, two obscure American startups met to discuss a potential surveillance partnership that would merge the ability to track theContinue reading “Who Is Anomaly Six And Why Are They Spying On Me?”

Surveillance Economy News – FBI And Air Force Buy Glasses With Facial Recognition

“Clearview AI, the facial recognition company backed by Facebook and Palantir investor Peter Thiel, has been contracted to research the use of augmented reality glasses combined with facial recognition for the U.S. Air Force.” “Despite the controversies around Clearview, it’s continued to get work with the U.S. federal government. Contract records show the FBI madeContinue reading “Surveillance Economy News – FBI And Air Force Buy Glasses With Facial Recognition”