This Is So Funny I Had To Post It

“Whoopi Goldberg has a reputation for causing quite the stir by expressing her often-controversial opinions on her daytime talk show The View, but the actress-turned-TV host has recently been kicking up a stink online for a very different reason: her habit of breaking wind live on-air.”  “Now, after the 67-year-old sparked a frenzy among viewers withContinue reading “This Is So Funny I Had To Post It”

Fauci emails show he prompted study to disprove COVID-19 lab leak theory

“House Republicans released emails showing that Fauci had commissioned a paper entitled ‘The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2’ and had final approval of the scientific paper. The emails show that Fauci ‘prompted’ the study to disprove the theory that the virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.” “House Republicans released emails showing that Fauci hadContinue reading “Fauci emails show he prompted study to disprove COVID-19 lab leak theory”

FBI reveals it uses CIA and NSA to spy on Americans

“The FBI revealed how the bureau uses the CIA and National Security Agency to probe the private lives of Americans without a warrant in its updated rulebook, which is the first version made public since the Obama administration.  “The handbook, rewritten in 2021, confirms a decade-old leak showcasing the bureau’s collaboration with the CIA and NSA for FBI probes that may involve surveillance without court orders againstContinue reading “FBI reveals it uses CIA and NSA to spy on Americans”

Kennedy Assassination Records: The Coverup Continues

“But about 4,300 records remain redacted in part — with no record completely blacked-out — according to the agency, and experts say there’s no justification for withholding them to protect national security or intelligence gathering.” ““We’re 59 years after President John Kennedy was killed and there’s just no justification for this,” said Judge John H. Tunheim,Continue reading “Kennedy Assassination Records: The Coverup Continues”

On the Patriot missile battery going to Ukraine

Per this article, the missiles cost $4 million each. We’ll see how fast the Ukrainians run through ’em. Te link:

The Gay Science: Revolver Read Yoel Roth’s 300-Page Grindr Dissertation UPenn Just Tried to Yank Off the Internet

Sensitive types should avoid the article. This is about Twitter’s former head censor, who Elon Musk just shit-canned. Here’s the link: