Texas 18-Year-Old Broke into Hospital Nursery, Said ‘Die’ as He Strangled and Shook Newborn Babies Until They Turned Blue: Police

“An 18-year-old in Texas allegedly forced his way into a hospital nursery and assaulted two newborn babies and several staff members.”

Marcus Dewayne McCowan Jr. was taken into custody on Monday and charged with a slew of felonies, including two counts of attempted first-degree capital murder, jail records reviewed by Law&Crime show.”

This is the worst crime I’ve ever heard of IMO. I wonder why it hasn’t shown up in the national headlines? I suspect one of the British tabloids may cover it in the future.

Here’s the link: https://lawandcrime.com/crime/texas-man-broke-into-hospital-nursery-said-die-as-he-strangled-and-shook-newborn-babies-until-they-turned-blue-police/

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