Colorado Utility Took Control Of Thousands Of People’s Home Thermostats

“Xcel Energy prevented thousands of customers in Colorado from changing the temperature in their homes for hours during a heat wave on Tuesday due to an “energy emergency,” according to ABC affiliate Denver7.”

“Xcel’s “smart thermostats” prevented over 22,000 people, who signed up for Xcel’s Colorado AC Rewards program, from cooling their homes past a certain temperature during a heat wave in which temperatures hit over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Denver7. The smart thermostats locked home temperatures from going below a certain threshold, telling customers that this setting could not be overridden due to an “energy emergency” caused by high temperatures and soaring energy demand.”

My local power company keeps pushing those things. They call it “power shifting” or something like that. They want to cut your power during the heat of the day so they can sell it to their industrial customers. So be careful.

Here’s the link:

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