Unreal: WaPo reporter claimed “severe PTSD” from Internet criticism — and then doxxed an anonymous Twitter user; UPDATE: LibsofTikTok responds

“Remember this MSNBC segment on online harassment? MSNBC aired it less than two weeks ago. Washington Post tech reporter Taylor Lorenz claimed to have “severe PTSD” over online bullying and doxxing, which she claimed was aimed at her primarily because of her gender. Lorenz’ critics instead pointed to her long track record of targeting people for doxxing and generating cancel campaigns based on her biases and occasionally dishonest reporting:”

WTF is wrong with Jeff Bezos? Why doesn’t he put a muzzle on his attack dog, or keep her penned up in his house. The link:https://hotair.com/ed-morrissey/2022/04/19/unreal-wapo-reporter-claimed-severe-ptsd-from-internet-criticism-and-then-doxxed-an-anonymous-twitter-user-n463195

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