One way to beat wokeness is to sue until it gets very expensive

“When female swimmers at the University of Pennsylvania told school officials that they did not want to look at Lia Thomas’s penis in the locker room, they were told they could either change clothes alongside the biologically male swimmer or stop using their own women’s locker room. When family members told the district attorney, they were ignored. Thomas, who reportedly doesn’t cover up, has been hailed as stunning and brave for using the natural advantages of the male body to trounce female swimmers in NCAA competitions. The biological women on the university’s team have effectively been sidelined in the name of an anti-scientific gender ideology. “

“That’s wokeness in action — no surprise nowadays. But there may be a remedy. What if this situation suddenly spawns multiple high-dollar sexual harassment lawsuits against the University of Pennsylvania? It isn’t at all hard to imagine such a thing happening. Indeed, it would be hard for any reasonable judge to deny that it’s “sexual harassment” any time anyone ostentatiously flashes male genitalia at a female who doesn’t want to see them. It doesn’t matter what your “gender identity” is — that’s sexual harassment. “

The link:

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