Barr Shut Down Investigation Of 2020 Ballots Trucked From NY To PA

“Then-Attorney General William Barr shut down the investigation into thousands of 2020 election ballots that were transported by a trucker from New York to Pennsylvania, a report said.”

“Barr ordered the U.S. Attorney in Eastern Pennsylvania to stop investigating reports of approximately 288,000 ballots entering Pennsylvania on a semi-trailer from New York, The Gateway Pundit reported.”

Our government is more corrupt than I ever suspected. I began to have my doubts about Barr when I read (during the Epstein controversy) that Barr’s father was a former OSS officer who had hired Epstein as a teacher at that private school he worked in. Barr himself is a former CIA employee. (Source Wikipedia).

Here’s a link to the article about Barr shutting down the investigation:

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