Fox News Shames People For Driving V8 Cars

Fox News recently ran a tone-deaf yet predictable article trying to ridicule anyone for owning a V8-powered American car. It was such an elitist, lazy attempt at superiority on the part of Gary Gastelu, the outlet’s Automotive Editor, that I just had to respond as well as call attention to the condescending attitude.”

“The focus of Gastelu’s article is mocking what he says are the least fuel-efficient American vehicles. That’s right, he concentrates only on the Big Three, ignoring any foreign automakers because they get a pass for some reason. There are plenty of Mercedes, BMWs, Land Rovers, etc. which guzzle gas. I can only assume this focus is fueled by an elitist mentality. I’m quite familiar with this attitude that everything American is for commoners and therefore is automatically inferior. This is especially true when it comes to so-called domestic vehicles.”

Well, fuck Fox News. Drive what you like. Here’s the link:

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