World Bank Makes Big Show Of Cutting Off Russia Just Weeks After Being Accused Of Oppressing Uyghurs In China

“The World Bank announced Wednesday it would no longer be offering its programs in Russia and Belarus, citing the former’s invasion of Ukraine, just weeks after it was alleged the group lent millions to support Uyghur reeducation efforts in China’s Xinjiang province.”

“The move comes just weeks after it was revealed in a report by the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice at Sheffield Hallam University that the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which operates under the World Bank, had loaned over $400 million to companies alleged to use Uyghur slave labor. The report, published by the Atlantic Council, cited public disclosures showing the group provided loans and equity investments to Chenguang Biotech Group, Camel Group, Century Sunshine and Jointown Pharmaceutical Group.”

Here’s the link:

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