California Lawmakers Want A Bill Of Rights For Cats And Dogs

Let’s see what they want.

  1. ▪ freedom from exploitation, cruelty, neglect and abuse (That sounds good. I wouldn’t mind having that for myself).
  2. ▪ a life of comfort, free of fear and anxiety; (Oh yeah. A life of comfort! Lay it on me, baby!)
  3. ▪ daily mental stimulation and appropriate exercise; (Yeah, I could use some exercise).

4▪ nutritious food, sanitary water and shelter in an appropriate and safe environment; (the food sounds good, but water? Can I get beer?)

5. ▪ preventive and therapeutic health care; (Yeah. Health care is good).

6▪ proper identification through tags, microchips or other humane means; (Gee, I dunno. I don’t want to be microchipped).

7.▪ spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted litters. (Oh God, no! No! Keep ’em away from me!)

The link:

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