Biggest ever saltwater crocodile in captivity died of ‘stress’ after ‘eating schoolgirl

“The world’s largest saltwater crocodile in captivity, the 21ft Lolong, was caught and caged in 2011 after he was suspected of biting a schoolgirl’s head off and eating a fisherman.”

“But following his capture in September 2011 the mighty beast suffered from so much stress that by February 2013 he was found in his Philippines enclosure upside down with a bloated stomach.”

“An image of a man poking Lolong with a stick while he was still alive has recently been shared on the Reddit community Interestingasf***, reigniting interest in the sad story.”

“The distressing snap was captioned: “‘Lolong’ was the largest saltwater crocodile in captivity. He died because of ‘fungal infection’ and ‘stress’ two years after being captured.””

My mama she done told me.

My daddy told me too.

Leave that girl alone.

She ain’t no good for you.

But that’s alright.

Read the article:

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