Cryptocurrency Funding War In Ukraine

“Cryptocurrency payments to military and hacktivist groups in Ukraine aimed at countering Russian aggression against the country spiked sharply in the second half of 2021, according to cryptocurrency tracing and blockchain analysis firm Elliptic. Crowdfunded payments to those organizations in bitcoin, litecoin, ether, and other cryptocurrencies the company tracks reached a total value of around $550,000 last year, compared with just $6,000 or so in 2020 and less still in previous years, even at the height of Russia’s 2014 invasion of the country.”

“One Ukrainian group called Come Back Alive, for instance, has raised $200,000 for Ukrainian troops in just the second half of 2021, according to Elliptic. The group originally solicited donations for military equipment like bulletproof vests, but it has since expanded into funding the purchase of reconnaissance and targeting systems. A more controversial group called the Myrotvorets (Ukrainian for “Peacemaker”) Center has publicly named and shamed alleged supporters of Russia or pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine—at least two of whom were subsequently assassinated. Myrotvorets has raised $268,000 in cryptocurrency to date, Elliptic says, of which $237,000 came just in the second half of last year.”

This is from and you probably need to subscribe to read the article. I’ll link down below. But – unlike what the article says, the US government is likely funding the Ukrainians. Both America and Russia have been engaging in hybrid warfare there for a very long time. I encourage you to read the previous post on John Mearsheimer’s talk on the subject.

The link:

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