Surveillance Economy News – FBI And Air Force Buy Glasses With Facial Recognition

“Clearview AI, the facial recognition company backed by Facebook and Palantir investor Peter Thiel, has been contracted to research the use of augmented reality glasses combined with facial recognition for the U.S. Air Force.”

“Despite the controversies around Clearview, it’s continued to get work with the U.S. federal government. Contract records show the FBI made an $18,000 order for a one-year subscription in December, while Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) has put at least $1.5 million on the table for Clearview tools for an unspecified number of enterprise licenses. “

““Since September, the Biden Administration’s ICE has more than doubled spending on Clearview AI, the FBI has publicly procured Clearview AI for the first time, the USPTO granted Clearview’s patent for augmented reality facial recognition, and now the company has a small business grant with the Air Force for augmented reality,” Poulson told Forbes, highlighting how successful Ton-That’s business has been, even with the negative press surrounding its collection of citizens’ facial images.”

One piece at a time, our privacy is being eroded, sold to government and big business. I suggest you read the Forbes article and check out the information linked therein. Here’s a link:

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