US gives military helicopters to Croatia, Russia arms Serbs

“ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — The United States on Thursday delivered two Black Hawk military helicopters to Croatia, which is engaged in a mini arms race with neighboring Russian ally Serbia amid simmering tensions in the post-war Balkan region.”

““The Black Hawk provides capabilities across a range of possible missions, from special operations to tactical troop transport to aeromedical evacuation,” U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Mark Fleming said as the helicopters arrived on a U.S. Air Force transport plane to Zagreb.”

““Croatia has earned a reputation as a committed and capable NATO ally, and the introduction of Black Hawks will further boost the capacities of the Croatian Armed Forces,” Fleming said in the statement.”

Wait a minute. That weasel is calling Croatia a Nato ally? They’re not a member of Nato. Maybe that’s just a technicality the US can ignore in its rush to war. But it stinks.

The link.

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