The Oligarchs Assault On Middle-Class Neighborhoods

“La Vergne, TENN. — The homes on Tammy Sue Lane aren’t fancy. Modest in size and clad in vinyl siding, the houses were priced below $200,000 when most were built about 15 years ago, and for many families in suburban Nashville, they represented a first chance at homeownership.”

“Then some of the world’s wealthiest people bought in.”

“Over the past six years, 19 of the 32 homes on Tammy Sue Lane have been purchased by a billion-dollar investment venture, part of an unprecedented flow of global finance into the American suburbs. Less than 10 years old, the company has amassed one of the nation’s largest portfolios of single-family houses, renting them to families who cannot afford to buy the “entry level” homes.”

When “Great Reset” promoter Klaus Schwab says, “You will own nothing”, he literally means you. His buddies in the World Economic Forum are intended to own everything. The greedy bastards can’t be contented with the billions they’ve made from their corporate scams, they won’t stop until they own everything.

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