Ivermectin Might Actually Work?

“Using an early treatment protocol for Covid infection which includes hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, a team of doctors reported a 99.99 percent survival rate.”

““We deliver the early treatment protocols to them as early as we can, and we have a 99.99 percent survival rate. So, I believe myfreedoctor.com, the free volunteered doctors have settled the science on this — early treatment works, period,” Dr. Ben Marble, the founder of myfreedoctor.com, said at a hearing hosted by Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson on Jan. 24.”

God forbid that Trump was actually right about this. If so, the government and the news media are responsible for a whole lot of deaths. The link:https://freepressers.com/articles/doctor-99-99-percent-survival-rate-with-early-covid-treatment-protocol

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