Russia Wants to Destabilize Ukraine, Not Invade It, Says Kyiv Security Chief

“KYIV, Ukraine—Despite U.S. warnings that a Russian invasion appears imminent, senior officials in Ukraine say they believe a large-scale attack isn’t Moscow’s probable course, because of stiff Ukrainian resistance and pressure from the West. Instead, the officials expect the Kremlin to deploy more covert measures to destabilize its neighbor and remove its leadership.”

“Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said in an interview that a military invasion would be very costly for Russia, given the size of Ukraine’s army, the population’s will to fight and pressure from the West. More likely, he said, Russia would seek, at least in the short term, to intensify a campaign of cyberattacks, provocations, disinformation and economic pressure.”

Yeah. Hybrid Warfare. That’s the current craze. Combining protests, insurgency, disinformation, etc instead of a full scale assault. Pretty much what the US did in Ukraine in the 2010s. Google John McCain and Ukraine to read some articles from that era. The bottom line, is that the situation is more complicated than what you’ll get from the news media.

Click the link to read the WSJ article.

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