The Coming War In Central Asia

Kazakhstan: Eyewitnesses say unrest is being coordinated

“The riots in Almaty were long planned and professionally coordinated. This was reported by Uzbek journalist and expert of the region Uzulbek Ergashev in a live broadcast of the Soloviev Live channel broadcast on YouTube.”

“Referring to his telephone conversations with residents of the city of two million, he stated: “[They said:] The people who rioted and looted were not from our city. People dressed in camouflage on SUVs coordinated their actions.””

The US has a number of shadow organizations that stir up revolutions in other countries. One suspect is the National Endowment For Democracy. That’s a nice sounding name, but what they do is finance and organize revolutions in other countries. Check out the Wikipedia article.

Supposedly a “non governmental organization” they are funded by Congress and directed by the State Department. There are other American shadow organizations such as the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute that also are engaged in “regime change” throughout the world.

The so-called “Arab Spring” is just one of their projects.

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