Is Faucism The Greatest Threat To America?

“Omicron may very well be Fauci’s “last stand,” blogger James Howard Kuntsler noted in a Dec. 17 analysis that assumes that America’s best-paid bureaucrat is calling the shots rather than acting at the behest of an unidentified upline about which media types are not curious in the least.”

‘Kuntsler argued that the gravest threat to the public health of Americans is media darling “Fauci and his debauchery of medical science. This will surely come as a surprise to readers of The New York Times, who see in the two-year (so far) Covid-19 event a splendid opportunity to hasten the destruction of the US economy and our culture in order to consolidate their own power to coerce and control the population. Clear the offices! Shut down the social spaces! Make ordinary business as difficult as possible! Cancel Christmas!”‘

Follow the links to get the whole discussion.

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