A Story of Severed Dongs, Self-Abuse, and ED

In some parts of Thailand, there’s an expression: “I better get home or the ducks will have something to eat!” You see, the mere mention of the ducks – especially when you’ve been out with your buddies tossing back some Mekhong whiskey – is enough to cause your manhood to grab its testicle suitcases and waddle over to Cambodia.

The thing is, in Thailand, a lot of peasants live in homes that are elevated on pilings. Underneath the pilings live the assorted pigs, chickens, and ducks that the family depends on for food.

The scary part starts when a foolish man comes home late and drunk, so late and so drunk that his wife can’t help but think he’s been out steaming someone else’s dumplings. The occasional wife gets so pissed off that she slices off the offending penis with a kitchen knife.”

A Good Reason Not to Marry a Thai Woman.

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